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Sarah Weatherwax is dedicated to the pursuit of fine acting as a performer and teacher. She has loved this work since childhood when she wrote and directed her first play in grade three. Although she loves all forms of acting, she has specifically chosen to focus her work energy on acting for theatre. The temporal, visceral nature of that genre brings everyone together briefly inside the situation of the play. Artists pursue the exquisite, painful rendering of the present moment. Acting leads to that state of being fully present to one’s interior and exterior realities truthfully and simultaneously with the audience as engaged witness. And for one moment, a universal truth about the human condition is illuminated and that enlightenment asks that the audience and artists broaden their compassion for people in extreme circumstances.

From “NOW Toronto” – August 11-17, 2005
Critic’s Pick


by Maria Irene Fornes, directed by Anita La Selva. Presented by Wax Works.

NOW Magazine Review: 4 N’s (out of 5) sustained applause

Maria Irene Fornes’s script about two primitive, near-illiterate country people and a third who joins them is full of crude, brutal poetry and lots of insight into human behaviour. Anita La Selva directs a simple, gripping production of a show that won’t be to everyone’s taste. But Fornes has a voice unlike anyone else’s, and actors Sarah Weatherwax, A. Frank Ruffo and Andrew Penner speak her words with confidence and utter conviction. Mysterious and haunting.
– GS

Select Stage Credits

  • MUD
  • Mae
  • Director: Anita La Selva/SummerWorks Festival
  • Pancake Tuesday
  • Beryl
  • Director: Lindsay Price/Buddies In Bad Times
  • Bordertown Cafe
  • Marlene
  • Director: Rick Kish
  • Port Stanley Festival Theatre

Film & Television

  • Kung Fu T.L.C. “Dark Side of the Chi”
  • Candy (Principal)
  • Director: Allan King
  • Warner Bros

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