Sarah Weatherwax | Actor/Voice Teacher

Sarah Weatherwax – Designated Linklater Voice Teacher


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Height: 5’5″      Weight: 140 lbs.                                                                                            Hair: Auburn     Eyes: Brown

Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, Mass., 2016: Taught Voice & Text at this internationally renowned theatre company’s Summer Training Institute, a month long intensive training program for actors. Over four weeks, taught the entire progression of Linklater Voice exercises to the forty one enrolled students, with the final week really focusing on the connection to text. Co-taught ‘Basics’ Acting Class (a type of actor training unique to the company), led ‘Dropping In’ and ‘Standing Up’ sessions, assisted in ‘Actor Audience’ (a full day exploration of the personal, revelatory nature of theatre), and in ‘Elizabethan World Picture Day.’ Coached and shaped numerous Shakespeare scenes over the course of the month.

Youth With a Mission, 2016: Taught a three day workshop to young actors in training as part of a three month On Camera Acting program in Dunham, Quebec. Students came from various countries for the course, connected by way of an international university program. First two days were a thorough introduction to Linklater Voice Work and the third day focused on text. Each student in the group received individual coaching on an audition piece from a contemporary film of their choosing.

Drop In Voice Class for Actors & Singers, 2014-present: Leading an on-going monthly drop in class   for performers at Cahoots Theatre Company in Toronto. Each 2 ½ hour class offers a very complete voice/body warm up with a different focus. Class themes explored include: jaw, tongue, soft palate work; hips, ribs and shoulders; creating space for breath; range and articulation, etc.

Straeon Acting Studios (formerly Carter Thor Studios East) 2010-present: Teach full day ‘Voice & Body’ workshops to groups of 10-14 actors at this highly esteemed studio for film & television acting. Workshop covers the progression of exercises designed to release habitual tension to find physical and vocal freedom. Also teach a two day workshop highlighting the direct application of voice work to acting. Day one is Voice & Body. Day 2, Voice & Text – after a full warm-up, students are coached on scenes or monologues, using various voice/body exercises as a new way into rehearsing. Workshops stress the connection between vocal freedom and expressive, transformative acting. Teach in the Toronto, Boston and Montreal studios.

Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television, 2012: Taught a three week course, working with the students each morning before their acting class. These beginning actors were led through a very basic but through progression of Linklater voice exercises. Students also learned an overview of the anatomy and care of voice. A course outline was supplied to the administration and students at the beginning of the class. Grades and teacher comments were given at course end. The class also included individual monologue coaching.

ACTRA Annual Conference, 2010: Led a large group of actors in a full physical and vocal warm-up on the second morning of ACTRA’s annual conference.

Master Classes for Actors & Singers, 2012, 2009: Taught one day workshops at the S.P.A.C.E., starting with teaching basic voice exercises. Then led students in a cohesive warm up and coached all performers on their pieces, which included monologues, an excerpt from a comedic one-person show and an aria sung by an opera singer.

Workman Arts, 2006: Taught beginner’s voice class to members of Workman Arts (formerly Workman Theatre Project) at the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health in Toronto in Jan/Feb 06. Focused on classic Linklater voice progression of warm-ups. Oct. – Dec. 06 taught a class to develop image/theme based vocal performance pieces for the spring production directed by Ed Roy.

Acting & Voice I, Humber College, 2004: Taught voice to 1 post grad and 3 under grad classes at Humber College Comedy Department. Students learned basic progression of voice exercises & application to performance. Focus was on increasing sensitivity to their voices/bodies as instruments for expression; vocal flexibility (for character work and impressions) gained by toning the resonating areas; pre-empting nervous vocal reactions during stand-up by doing a pre-show warm-up. Saw open mike nights and student sketch shows, gave individual feedback and guidance based on their performances. Followed a course outline and gave grades at semester’s end.

Natural Healing Retreat, 2004: Hired by Spectrum Healing Naturopathic Services to teach basic voice exercises to a group of 10 people at a weekend retreat. Stressed the connection between breath & voice, expression of emotion and physical health. Combined all voice work with stretches. Taught for two hours on both days, leading into the yoga lessons taught by Eileen Eng. Gave individual instruction as needed throughout the weekend.

On Set Voice Coach, Seasons I and II, 2003-04: Acted as on set Acting & Voice Coach for the cast of a marblemedia production for broadcast on TVO and Access Alberta. Actors were both Hearing and Deaf. Show is geared to Hearing and Deaf children alike. Assisted in voiced interpretation of the text as it was translated from A.S.L. to spoken English. Each Deaf character had to be represented by a unique voice reflecting their physicality.

Voice Intensive, 2002, 2003: Conducted two six week classes, meeting once each week for 3 hours, at ISIS Canada Studio. Taught the entire progression of Warren/Linklater voice exercises, beginning with breath awareness and ending with range and articulation, to a group of actors and singers. Gave individual instruction when needed. Applied vocal coaching to audition pieces at the end of each class.

Private voice and audition coaching, 2000 – present: Audition coaching for actors on contemporary or classical monologues preceded by vocal warm up. Coach singers starting with the same warm-up. Clients have also included public speakers, teachers. Dialect coaching with actors has included various US; Quebecois; Trinidad; Dublin, Ireland.

Workshops for public speakers, 2000-01: Hired by Canadian Stage Company to lead voice workshops for volunteers who mediate the many post show talks between actors and audience during the season.

Master Voice Class 2000: Taught master class to teachers and artist-educators at the annual Ontario Learning Through The Arts retreat.

Voice Teacher Training: Attended five-week Voice Teacher Certification Course with Kristin Linklater in June 2003 along with 15 other invited teachers from 4 countries. Course included: Being taught entire progression of exercises by Ms. Linklater; In-depth personal critique by Kristin Linklater after teaching voice to a group of volunteer students; Being critiqued by Ms. Linklater after leading fellow voice teachers in a 45 min. voice & body warm-up; Private & group Alexander Technique Lessons with Nadia Kevan from Germany; ObservedKristen Linklater teach entire progression of voice exercises and Voice & Shakespeare to M.F.A. Acting students at Columbia University during fall semester, 2001; Private lessons and voice teacher training workshops in NYC with Andrea Haring, Ms. Linklater’s appointed trainer of teachers; Private voice lessons & basic piano with Chris Von Baeyer in Toronto; Group classes with David Smukler; Group and private Alexander Technique lessons with Kelly McEvenue; Voice workshop with Patsy Rodenburg; Extending Voice & Gesture Workshop with Betty Moulton and Clare Preuss; Animation voice workshop with Jessie Thomson; Singing with Alexandra Garrison and Elaine Dunbar; Apprentice voice teaching at Shakespeare and Company in Massachusetts; On going self-education about human anatomy and natural movement.

Further training: BFA Acting, Honors Graduate, Emerson College, Boston, Mass.


** Sarah Weatherwax would like to thank the Canadian Council For The Arts for their generous rewarding of a Professional Development Grant to attend the Voice Teacher Certification Workshop with Kristen Linklater in 2003**