Sarah Weatherwax | Actor/Voice Teacher


Sarah is endlessly fascinated with physical and vocal communication between humans.

Her training as a voice teacher with some of the world’s master teachers has led her to better acting and writing, as well as to her teaching career. A free voice leads to a deeper ability to express one’s self, and that is beneficial to everyone, not just actors.

Having a free voice leaves people more room inside their bodies for real listening. When feelings and thoughts flow in and out of a body, that body is not holding on to the past, but letting it go moment to moment to moment. When expression is given to feelings, even the mundane, smaller emotions of daily tribulations, that body can move forward through time and events with more freedom and fewer preconceptions. When expression of thought is given clarity by a free voice and a free body, comprehension happens quicker and the ideas voiced get accomplished more quickly.

For actors, a free voice means an easier time listening and more choice as far as physical and vocal transformation. Actors that are not limited by habitual muscular tension and emotional response habits are more able to be transformative in their interpretation of character.

In this age of digital technology there is a new set of habits resulting in tension that blocks voice, and therefore feelings, from being expressed. People are becoming less comfortable with the real world as the cyber world envelopes us. It is more important than ever for people to know how to be relaxed inside their bodies and free with their voices. Without clear communication relationships at work and at home deteriorate. Even a body that works with technology all day needs to know how to cry and scream, how to laugh and hug. It is a lack of articulation of thought that leads to misunderstanding, sometimes with dire consequences. And without attention paid to physical and vocal expression of feeling, our bodies and minds get sick.

Health and happiness can be aided through work on the body and voice. This is an elemental truth, one that most people instinctively appreciate, but too few people implement.

Go on, stand up right now, stretch and make some noise!! There. Don’t you feel a little better now? Imagine how good you would feel from one hour of working on your voice and body each week… and how good an hour a day would make you feel!

Contact Sarah for her current rates and availability. She sees private students during the week, during the day. Check in with the website regularly for upcoming full day workshops.

She is available for: Group classes for performers and public speakers; private voice lessons/audition coaching for actors/singers/public speakers/people with communication challenges of any type; on set voice coaching for television and theatre; organizing groups of actors for background voice work; leading company warm ups.

Teaching Environment

“Sarah has the enviable ability to truly challenge her students, while also maintaining a safe, fun space to grow and learn. She thoroughly understands the physical mechanics of the voice, as well as the psychological aspects of this work, and I trust her implicitly.”

– Martha Girvin, Actor

“Sarah Weatherwax is my career-long, trusted voice teacher. My voice is my career, and I only go to Sarah. She is THE voice teacher for the working actor, as far as I’m concerned.

I go to Sarah for both private lessons and workshops, and like a dancer and her trusted dance teacher, Sarah keeps me in perfect form. She is so well trained, so experienced and a voice artist herself, I benefit immediately. I am often told by directors: you have a great voice. And I know it’s a lot due to working with Sarah. She’s a treasure.”

– Anne Marie Scheffler – Actor / Writer / Comedian / Voice Artist

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