Sarah Weatherwax | Actor/Voice Teacher


Sarah has done voice work for television and film for more than 15 years. During that time she has been asked to be the voice for numerous colourful characters including: a nine year old boy; an eighty year old woman; a homeless woman muttering nonsensically to herself; a screaming woman with a baby in an airplane that is crashing; a sobbing woman in an airplane that is crashing; a gossipy teenager on a school bus; a murderous woman in a mob of freaked out people; an angry, swearing prostitute; a dominatrix in a sex club; a loud rodeo fan; and a donkey singing off key… although she is pretty sure that is the only way a donkey can sing.

Voice-over Demo Reel:

Background ADR

Satisfaction; Haven; King; The Listener; Heartland; Blue Murder; Beastmaster; The Adventures of Sinbad; Traders; Legacy; More Tears; Earth Final Conflict and feature films/MOWs Sunshine Sketches;  Hobo With A Shotgun; Joan of Arc; It Must Be Santa; Free Fall; Last Night; Boy Meets Girl & The Big Hit.


The Magic Spy
Goddess (Principal)
C.G.I. Goddess for feature film
Director: Phillipe Goodard

Some People
Vivisectionist (Principal)
Stage Drama for New Ideas Fest
Director: Tracy Carroll

Full Voice Resume

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